Cold climate garden plants

Cold climate garden plants

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Cold climate garden plants that show in the fall. A fall garden can be a great help in adding a little color, when few other colors are in the garden.

#### ** FROST-HARDY**

These plants stay green and healthy through the winter even though they don't bloom until the warmer weather returns. Plants with pink flowers or white flowers are often selected for their beauty.

### **Roses**

Many of the common garden roses are in the Rugosa Rose group. Rugosa roses are long-lived and extremely hardy plants that can withstand temperatures of 10°F below zero. One plant can produce over 20,000 rose-shaped, candy-colored blooms per year. They flower throughout the year and bloom for a long period.

### **_Rose of Sharon,_** ** _Hibiscus syriacus_**

This fast-growing evergreen perennial grows 4 to 6 feet tall, has blooms the color of burgundy and orange peels, and thrives in dry and well-drained soil.

### **Spiraea**

Spiraeas, like many hardy plants, have two years of growth and only one year of flowering. These include a broad range of shrubs, vines, and small trees that are hardy to at least 10°F. Flowers are large, multi-colored, and bloom from May to September. The plants grow well in containers.

### **Sumac, _Rhus aromatica_**

Sumacs are small shrubs that grow in the shade of evergreen trees. The flowers are small, single, and fragrant and are followed by tiny, pealike fruits. This plant is ideal for wet areas and containers.


## Perennial Plants for Containers

PEERENNIALS ARE one of the easiest and most popular flowers to grow in containers. With proper care, they will bloom all year, can be used as cut flowers, and can also be added to landscapes.

If you are looking for a quick, easy, and easy-to-manage planting for containers, start with perennials. Many of the popular perennials in this book grow in containerized form as well. They include many of the plants you have already met, such as vincas, _Phlox,_ and other bulb-flowering plants.

Another great group of perennials is hardy in cold temperatures. Most of these plants can be bought at your local nursery and are just as easy to grow in containers as in the ground. In fact, many container plants can be left in the ground when they finish flowering. As the springtime temperatures begin to warm, you can pull these plants back up and treat them as you do with annuals and other plants. A few of the perennials listed below are also cold hardy.

While container-grown perennials will not flower in fall, they will often carry color until late winter or early spring. If you plant for fall color, you can combine a fall/winter container with plants that bloom in spring.

**_What's in a name?_** Some plants have a variety of names in different regions. Alyssum is one common name. But Jerusalem artichokes and chrysanthemums are also called alyssum.

### **_Bulbs,_** ** _Sedums,_** ** _and_** ** _Hardy Perennials for Containers_**

These plants make excellent containers because they grow in small clumps. The plants in this section can be put in containers during all four seasons. Of course, you don't need to grow plants from seed if you have a live plant. You can get many container-grown bulbs, such as Japanese anemones, gladiolus, and snowdrops, from your local garden center. Many bulb companies sell bulbs, including cultivars, that are perfect for containers.

**_Where did they go?_** You might notice that a particular plant you used to love is suddenly hard to find. Plants get sold, or transported and moved around, and then your favorite becomes harder to find.

**_What to look for in containers:_** Container-grown plants will all have different requirements to thrive in containers. Be sure to look for plants with sturdy stems, wide, flat leaves, flowers that bloom throughout the growing season, and flowers that bloom quickly.

**_Meadowsweet, Filipendula_**

**_Who_** _needs a front porch when you can grow these in containers? Meadowsweet makes a great accent in hanging baskets, containers, and mixed containers. It grows in a variety of colors and in many different bloom times. Meadowsweet is in the Family _Filipendulaceae._ This plant family includes plants with green or variegated leaves and yellow, orange, or white, dainty flowers._

**_How to grow it_** Plant in well-drained soil and provide good air circulation. They do not do well in shady conditions, but a full sun or light shade is ideal. They grow best in well-drained soil. This plant will become perennial once established and is sometimes called a wildflower.

**_Where to plant_** Containers and beds that have finished growth, or any open area of the garden.

**_When to plant_** Late spring to early summer.

**_How to prepare soil_** Add organic