Majestic orchids

Get to know and showcase these uninterrupted blooming flowers. This winter, with theorchid, the trend is #TheWorldBeyond!

Queen of houseplants, orchids belong to the very large family of phalaenopsis comprising over 2,500 species. Very graphic, they are more than ever at the top of the trend for interior decoration, in a spirit precisely #TheWorldBeyond (the world of beyond, editor's note) which is characterized by a magical atmosphere, moiré colors, semi-precious stones and crystals, shiny and iridescent effects… Orchids Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, Cattleya, Zygopetalum, Brassia and Dendrobium are the six species selected last November on this theme, as part of the "Everyone has a Plant" program, an initiative of the Dutch Flower Authority.

Small lesson in scenography

Orchids are all the more fascinating when they form a flowering forest. Standing next to each other, choose their pots so as to highlight them and create a specific atmosphere: on the classic side, the color of the flowers can be associated with that of the container; on the fashion side, they shine in sparkling porcelain, pearly enamel, and in green, verdigris, dark red or lilac.

Finally, arrange them all together on a dedicated and designer table, in wood and steel, to complete their presentation.

DIY: Orchid Kokedama

What a wonderful idea to marry the current great trend of kokedama (this Japanese plant decoration in the shape of a sphere of moss) with the almost supernatural look of an orchid! Here's how to make this decor ...

Material: an orchid of your choice (here Paphiopedilum), flat vegetable moss, a spool of thread, pliers. How to do ? Gently remove the plant from the pot, wrap the moss around the roots, wrapping the root ball as much as possible, secure the whole by wrapping wire around it. You will then need to spray the root ball and leaves to maintain good overall humidity. If you are making more than one, put them together on a pretty pedestal table and don't forget to choose a bright spot for them.

Tip: expose them in front of a mirror to amplify their density effect!

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