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Rosemary: it stimulates and tones

Rosemary: it stimulates and tones

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The rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)is a very honey plant (bees collect the nectar from it to make honey) native to southern Europe and belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Used for its medicinal properties, this plant condiment is commonly used to flavor grills, stews, stews and soups, especially in Mediterranean cuisine.

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Rosemary and its health benefits

  • Rosemary isstimulating and tonic. Anti-stress and anti-fatigue, we recommend it to people asthenic but also in cases of mild insomnia because it promotes sleep. It also has a favorable action on the blood circulationand it stimulates cognitive skills.
  • Rosemary has a stimulating action on the biliary function and invigorating on the liver. It deals with gastrointestinal disturbances, the digestions difficult and the liver problems.
  • Rosemary has virtues antioxidants that allow it to fight effectively against free radicals behind the aging of our cells.
  • Diuretic and astringent, rosemary reduces the risk of kidney stones.
  • Rosemary is also anti-inflammatory. It treats infections of respiratory tracts and inflammation of the ENT sphere (ears, nose and throat), and reduces cough.
  • Rosemary baths calm them down rheumatic disorders and some blood circulation hands, feet and legs.
  • In compresses, rosemary can be used to relieve the little onesskin ailments, the swelling articular, the sprains.
  • Gargles rosemary relieves canker sores and small mouth sores. They are also effective against Teeth ache.
  • TheEssential oilrosemary is used in the composition of many products cosmetics (soaps, balms, perfumes, creams, etc.) andfood (alcoholic drinks, desserts, sweets, etc.).

Growing rosemary for its benefits

  • Planting rosemary is very easy. This condiment plant grows in any soil, even dry, poor or stony.
  • Rosemary, on the other hand, needs a warm and sunny exposure.
  • The yield rosemary pot is excellent as long as you choose a container at least 8 inches deep, perfectly drained and filled with a mixture of sand and potting soil.
  • Gardening: growing and caring for rosemary 

Rosemary in cooking for its benefitss

Rosemary leaves are digestive and stimulating. In the kitchen, they delicately flavor grilled meats, fish and vegetables and starches.

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