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Nandina domestica: the sacred bamboo

Nandina is a beautiful shrub popular for its colorful foliage and early summer bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Nandina domestica
Family : Berberidaceae
Type : Shrub

Height : 1 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : June July

Planting Nandina domestica

Plant your Nandina domestica, ideally in autumn or untilin spring but avoiding periods of frost.

If you have to plant in the sun avoid places that are too hot or prefer a light shade.

Also avoid a too deep shade which would prevent the coloring of the foliage.

  • Sunshine is not necessary
  • He likes cool soils rich in humus
  • Check out our tips for planting shrubs.

Note that the growth of Nandina domestica is relatively slow.

Maintenance of Nandina Bamboo

No pruning is really essential in the Dandina domestica.

If you want reduce or reshape the branches, prune the nandinaafter flowering period.

If your nandina domesticafreezes in winter, you can cast off quite short at the end of winter, it should start again from the base.

Watering Nandina domestica:

Nandina domestica is fairly drought tolerant.

  • Provide regular watering during the first 2 years after planting
  • Water the Nandina in a pot, especially in summer
  • No need to water the nandina in the ground when it is well established.

To know about Nandina domestica

Nandina domestica, when fortunate enough to keep its leaves in winter, provides colorful and flamboyant touch to your garden.

The flowers, white in color, appear in early summer but are not of particular interest.

Nandina domestica also gives red berries in late autumn and often persistent in winter. Be careful, they are toxic because they contain nandenine. All parts of the plant are toxic to humans, but not to birds.

On the other hand, Nandina is used for its medicinal virtues, especially in Asia, for its mild sedative, astringent, and beneficial effects on injured bones and muscles.

It's easy to grow and maintain and will even adapt to growing in pots or containers on your patio or balcony.

Straw the base of the shrub in order to maintain a certain humidity and also to prevent the growth of weeds, especially if it is in a pot.

Smart tip about Nandina Bamboo

Plant at the foot of the tree daffodils or some tulips to create beautiful spots of winter colors.

Photo Credit © Phuong

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