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Gaura: a long and generous flowering

Gaura is a beautiful flower, easy to grow and care for with beautiful and long-lasting flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Gaura of lindheimer
Family : Onagracées
Type : Perennial

: 0.6 to 0.8 m
Exposure : Sunny to partial shade
Ground : Well drained

Foliage : Expired -Flowering : May to September.

From spring to fall, here are all the maintenance tips for having beautiful gauras. (Photo © hcast)

Planting gaura

At spring or to autumn, in a rather sheltered place.
Make sure to space each foot at least 50cm apart to give your gauras room to develop well.

  • Gauras appreciate the sun or light shade
  • They like well-drained and rather rich soils.

Multiplication by cuttings at spring and at the end of summer or by division from the tuft to theautumn.

Note that the division of the tuft is not obvious given the taproot.

Gaura in a pot:

It is quite possible to grow the saura in a pot to adorn a terrace or balcony.

  • Plant your gauras in a pot of sufficient diameter
  • Add potting soil for flowering plants
  • Water regularly, especially just after planting to promote rooting and therefore recovery

Gaura maintenance

Once properly seated, the gaura requires relatively little maintenance.

Remove faded flowers as you go by cutting theentire rod. This operation helps to promote the appearance of new flowers.

To the end of winter or fall, cut all the flower stems short, before the vegetation returns.

Watering the gauras:

Gaura is a plant that needs water to thrive.

  • The potted will know should be watered as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.
  • In the garden, we water the gaura if it is not raining, rather in the evening or early in the morning to avoid evaporation.
  • Light mulching such as cocoa hulls or flax helps prevent evaporation and weed growth.

When the goura's stems get dry, the plant usually has run out of water.

Gaura and fertilizer:

Like most flowering plants, gaura will grow better and bloom longer if you feed it.

The nutrient supply actually promotes flowering from spring to fall.

  • Choosing a fertilizer for flowering plants or even for tomatoes is very suitable
  • Make a contribution in the spring, when the vegetation starts again
  • Renew the fertilizer application several times during the season

To know about the gaura

Very pretty perennial with generous flowering and constantly renewed from spring to autumn, Gaura is relatively easy to grow.

You can install it by solid or in pot and don't forget to water it in hot weather.

Particularly melliferous, the gauras offer beautiful flowers in white and pink tones that will bring joy and light to your garden.

We also appreciate the dark pink gaura like Gaura lindheimeri Lollipop Pink for its lively and abundant flowering. (Photo © Jackin)

Smart tip about gauras

A mulch made from cocoa shells goes perfectly with this plant and prevents the growth of weeds.

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Video: Gaura A Magnificent And Compact Flowering Shrub (September 2021).