Celery: health benefits and virtues

The celery (Apium graveolens) is a condiment plant with hollow stems from the Apiaceae family, native to Europe and Asia. Its cultivation dates back to Antiquity, but celery did not enter our vegetable gardens until the 17th century. Since then, it has continued to prove its many health benefits and virtues.

  • Vegetable garden : successfully growing celery
  • Cooking: recipe with celery

Celery and its health benefits

  • Low in calories, Butrich in vitamins A, B and C, celery is a concentrate of nutrients essential for our daily tone.
  • Antioxidant, celery would have effectsanti-inflammatory andantibacterial capable of preventing the multiplication ofcancer cells.
  • Celery isdiuretic, it eliminates toxins present in the body. This is why it is recommended in the diet for people with heart, of liver or some kidneys. This is also the reason why celery juice is recommended in weight loss diets.
  • Celery is particularly suitable for cleanse the intestines. Celery seed infusions treat kidney and gallstones, and provide relief to people witharthritis, ofdrop and ofrheumatism. They also improve theblood circulation in muscles and joints.
  • Celery also includes hypoglycemic virtues that make it a good food for people who suffer from diabetes.
  • Celery seeds, both appetizers and diuretics,stimulate appetite and digestion, andfacilitate the expulsion of gases.
  • Warning, seeds, leaves and roots contain a photosensitizing substance. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun after consuming celery.
  • Celery essential oil has properties calming, soothing and sedative. It facilitatesfalling asleep and is effective againstinsomnia. It is also recommended against stress.

Growing celery for its benefits

  • Celery is grown in full sun or partial shade in a soil rich in humus, cool but well drained.
  • You can plant celery in a pot, it will do very well in a large planter if you make sure that the soil always remains. wet.
  • Warning, the celery fly stains leaves and prevents plants from growing. Celery also fears slugs, the rust and the mildew.
  • Vegetable garden : successfully growing celery

Celery in cooking and its properties

Hermarked flavor and hiscrunchy texture make celery just as delicious raw than cooked. The celery ribs are eaten raw and perfectly complement your salads, or cooked, stewed in butter for example, while allowing you tofill up with vitality.

Celery has pride of place in the essential classic recipe of mussels !

Nutritional intake

16 kcal / 100 g when raw, and13 kcal / 100 g when cooked.Celery is diuretic, deworming, digestive and stimulating.

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