Oca of Peru: planting, growing, harvesting and caring for

Fallen out of favor, Peru’s oca is back in fashion. Find our advice on planting and maintenance.

The oca of Peru in summary :

Latin name : Oxalis tuberosa / crenata
Family : Oxalidaceae
Type : Tuberculous vegetable

Height : 15 to 45 cm
Planting distance : 30 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunny to partial shade
Ground : All types, but well drained

Planting : April May -Harvest : November to January

Imported into France in the 19th century, theperu oca had to replace the potato. Having had little success, he gradually fell into oblivion. However, it is back in fashion today as well as gardenthat at vegetable garden.

Peruvian oca plantation

The oca from Peru must be planted in April-May. During this period, the risk of frost is lower.

If you want to advance your culture, you can put your plants in pots in March and above all protect them from the cold by putting them in a greenhouse, for example.

To plant your oca from Peru, enrich your soilwith some compost, potting soil or manure. Then position the tubers 4-5 cm deep and space them at least 30 cm apart.

  • Each row should be separated by 60 to 80 cm.
  • To increase the yield of your plants, they must be grown in the sun and in loosened soil.

Cultivation and maintenance of the oca of Peru

Here are some rules to follow if you want to optimize the productivity of your feet:

  • The oca of Peru fearing drought, be sure to carry out a regular watering.
  • When the plants reach 15 cm in height, butcher them regularly so as never to leave more than 30 cm of stem protruding. By doing so, the plant will produce more tubers.
  • The oca from Peru produces its tubers late in the year. In case of big frosts, protectyour plantations using a tunnel or forcing sail.


After planting, the oca from Peru takes about 8 months to produce its tubers. Harvest begins at mid november.

Depending on your needs, remove the tubers by tearing off the stalk (s) with a spade.

Then display your harvest ten days in the sunso that the tubers lose their acidity.

You can also store them at home and consume them after one to two weeks.

Conservation of the oca of Peru

For keepyour harvest or your oca plants from Peru, cover them with sand and store them in a cellar or cellar. Also avoid exposing them to light.

Oca diseases of Peru

The oca of Peru is a resistant plant. She is not susceptible to disease.

On the pest side, slugsappreciate its leaves at the start of vegetation. The field miceand volesare also fond of tubers.

Smart tip

to make your soil softer, do not throw the ashes of your fireplace. Spread them in your vegetable garden: they are a great source of potash and have the advantage of lightening the soil.

Video: Oca Harvest 2017 (October 2021).