Evergreen plants for outdoors

Evergreen plants for outdoors

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Evergreen plants have the advantage of being decorative all year round. Their foliage in various shapes and colors structure the garden.

In a hedge, a bed, isolated or in a pot, these plants create a green screen and hide you. Discover a selection of evergreen plants for your exterior!

Evergreen trees and conifers


  • Variety: Eucalyptus gunnii
  • Flowering period: august to september
  • Interest: its pretty round green-blue foliage
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : drained, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? Its aromatic leaves are used for making essential oil and making infusions

Eastern Thuja

  • Variety: Platycladus orientalis ‘Aurea Nana’
  • Interest: this dwarf variety blows a wind of modernity on traditional cedar trees, it is characterized by golden foliage, a conical shape and a small size of 1m
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : furniture and light
  • The little extra? Grows well in pots, rock gardens or in the ground, resists above -15 ° C.


  • Variety: Fargesia robusta
  • Flowering period: January
  • Interest: its long, 4-5m high canes are punctuated by fine and evergreen foliage always bringing a zen touch
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : rich and fresh
  • The little extra? This non-tracing species is not invasive.

Evergreen shrubs

Cherry laurel

  • Variety: Prunus laurocerasus
  • Flowering period: April May
  • Interest: its large lanceolate green and shiny leaves hide you from prying eyes
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : drained, neutral to acid
  • The little extra? Its small white flowers in clusters in spring


  • Variety: Mahonia Japonica Wintering ’
  • Flowering period: december to march
  • Interest: its large clusters of yellow, fragrant and erect flowers appear in the heart of winter
  • Exhibition: partial shade, shade
  • Ground : fresh but drained, neutral to acidic
  • The little extra? Its thorny and fleshy leaves which give it an exotic air


  • Variety: Ligustrum vulgare
  • Flowering period: June July
  • Interest: its small round green and evergreen leaves which form a compact shrub, its summer flowering is fragrant
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : cool, deep, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? The privet supports pruning very well and can be guided in a ball, linear hedge or even topiary!

There are many evergreen shrubs to form a varied hedge. To this non-exhaustive list is added azalea, St. John's wort, dogwood, strawberry tree, barberry, aucuba, elderberry, pittosporum, pyracantha, Mexican orange, tin laurel, burning bush, photinia... Do not hesitate to combine different varieties, especially for an evergreen hedge, which will give you different colored leaves in favor of a hedge that changes with the seasons.

Perennials and shrubs with evergreen foliage


  • Variety: Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’
  • Flowering period: July August
  • Interest: its floral spikes more or less fluttered but always so fragrant
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : drained, dry, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? Put the cobs in bags to perfume your laundry!


  • Variety: Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’
  • Flowering period: august to november
  • Interest: green-blue foliage topped with pink flowers
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : dry, drained, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? Honey flowers that attract insects and birds


  • Variety: Erica x darleyensis ‘Kramer’s Rote’
  • Flowering period: november to march
  • Interest: its dark green green foliage is illuminated by the bright pink of the flowers distributed along the stems
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : heathland
  • The little extra? robust and easy to grow plant blooming in the heart of winter

Evergreen climbing plants


  • Variety: Lonicera japonica ‘Sweet Isabel’
  • Flowering period: June to September
  • Interest: its fragrant yellow and cream tubular flowers with long stamens
  • Exhibition: half shade
  • Ground : fresh but drained
  • The little extra? Its rapid growth of this evergreen plant that quickly dresses a wall


  • Variety: Hedera helix
  • Flowering period: January February
  • Interest: its evergreen foliage which is sometimes variegated, dark green or golden depending on the variety chosen
  • Exhibition: partial shade, shade
  • Ground : fresh and loose
  • The little extra? Its robustness which allows it to grow everywhere and easily

Star jasmine

  • Variety: Jasminoid trachelospermum
  • Flowering period: June to August
  • Interest: its many white star-shaped flowers with an intoxicating scent
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : drained and deep
  • The little extra? Easy to grow in pots and works wonders on a balcony

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