It's possible to make a vegetable garden on your balcony!

People living in apartments also have the right to grow their own vegetables.

Besides, you don't have to have a large plot of land to plant seeds or seedlings. With our tips you will see that it is very easy to have a vegetable garden on your balcony.

It might even make your kids want to start gardening!

Make a vegetable garden on your balcony

First of all, you should know that in stores specializing in gardening, you can find ready-made kits that will allow you to have a vegetable garden on your balcony.

However, you can fully use your skills as a handyman, or at least your talents for bargain hunters.

Because if you can very well make a container yourself with wooden planks and some nails, you can also reuse items you already have at home.

For a mini-vegetable garden, you can for example opt for a flower pot. Otherwise, know that it is also possible for you to take a simple wooden crates. And if your balcony allows it, why not use a small wheelbarrow ? Besides letting you grow your own vegetables, this solution has the advantage of being really aesthetic. Add one or two flowering plants to it and the result will be stunning.

Your balcony is really small and it is not possible for you to put bins on the ground? It's okay, there are always solutions.

Small spaces can also accommodate their vegetable garden. To do this, collect some heavy canvas bags and hang them on your balcony, indoors or outdoors. The advantage is that with this system you will not hurt your back since everything will be at your height.

Fill a balcony garden

Making or finding a bin is not enough to have a vegetable garden on your balcony. Once everything is ready it must be filled. And at this level, you are quite free.

Once you graduate filled with a potting mix you can plant carrots, beans, onions, radish, tomatoes, of parsley, of the mint, etc., finally whatever you like!

Of course, larger vegetables like squash can also adapt to balconies but if you decide to plant some you won't be able to grow many other vegetables. Yes, it takes up space! If you have created a mini-vegetable garden on your balcony, it can also be very fun to grow mini-vegetables such as baby carrots, Cherry tomatoes, peppers, radishes, etc.

But in addition to the size of the vegetable plants, you must also take into account the amount of sunlight necessary for their proper development. If your balcony is in the shade all day, for example, you may need to forget about the tomatoes and turn to vegetables that don't necessarily need a lot of sun.

Finally, don't forget that in your balcony garden you can also plant fruit. The potted strawberries for example will find their place perfectly in bags hanging from your balcony.

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