Pepper, chili: wonders to cultivate

Peppers are a great summer vegetable, easier to grow than it looks.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Capsicum anuum
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Vegetable, annual

: 50 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rather light, rich and well drained

Harvest : 5 to 6 months after sowing

Maintenance, from sowing to harvest are things that will help you to have beautiful peppers, green, red or yellow.

Seedlings, pepper planting

Although more comfortable in hot climates, it is also found further north under certain growing conditions.

To seed:

The sowing of peppers should be controlled during the first few weeks in order to have good plants to plant when needed.

  • Sowing is carried out in a bucket and indoors or a heated greenhouse (18-20 ° minimum) from the month of January for regions with the mildest climate and until March everywhere else.
  • As soon as you emerge, when you have 2 or 3 leaves, keep only one plant per cup.
  • Transplant under a frame around April if the climate is favorable, otherwise wait for the end of may.
  • You will put directly in the garden as soon as the temperature exceeds 20 ° during the day
  • Space the plants 50 to 60 cm in all directions.

Pepper in a pot and ready to plant:

It is also necessary to wait until the temperature exceeds 20 ° the day before putting them in the ground.

We can talk about May in the south and of June in the north.

  • Space each plant 50 to 60 cm in all directions
  • Fertilize the soil with a good compost or natural fertilizer
  • Water regularly

Growing and caring for peppers

In order to have beautiful peppers and peppers, it should beenrich the soil throughout the culture.

You can ideally use nettle manure for a natural solution, but there are many organic and non-organic fertilizers specifically designed for growing peppers and peppers.

  • Protect them from the cold and wind for as long as possible, using a bell for example, because they are most vulnerable in spring.
  • To have beautiful fruit, don't keep only about fifteen per plant and they will be bigger.
  • Water regularly but not excessively to keep the soil slightly moist.

Pepper and chilli harvest

Well sown and maintained, peppers are harvested during the summer.

About 5 to 6 months after sowing

Wait until the peppers or peppers have reached perfect maturity, that is, the fruits no longer grow larger.

You can harvest green or wait for them to take a yellow, orange or red coloring, it is the guarantee of tastier fruit.

Preservation of peppers:

Pick the peppers when they are perfectly ripe and combine them into bunches to dry them in the sun.

All you need to know about peppers

Native to tropical America, peppers or chilli are characteristic of summer fruits and can be enjoyed both raw and cooked, in ratatouille for example.

The only difference that distinguishes peppers from peppers is that they are from different varieties. One is strong and tangy while the other is sweet.

But the chili and peppers are grown in exactly the same way.

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Smart tip about bell pepper

Avoid wetting the leaves when watering, it is the best defense against powdery mildew

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