Fruit trees

The fig tree, generous from North to South

It is not reserved for Mediterranean gardens: varieties that are not very cautious allow it to harvest its sweet fruits even north of the Loire.

If you like them figs, do not hesitate to plant a fig tree. The large number of current varieties allows it to be grown in all the regions, provided you choose it well and place it well.

In addition to trees needing a hot late season, adapted to the South, there are fig trees tolerating a colder climate, like "Bordeaux", which gives an early harvest, but also "Longue d'Août" or "Négronne", which produces fruit twice, in July and at the end of August.

All these species are self-fertile.

Install your fig tree well

Undemanding, the fig tree is a long-lived tree, it can live up to 300 years !

To thrive, he needs a lot of sun and a fertile, well-drained soil (it supports acidic or slightly calcareous earth). In cold regions, install it near a south (or southwest) facing wall, sheltered from cold winds. It is a tree that grows well in isolation, give it plenty of living space.

Planting takes place in March-April. In mild climates, it can also be done in autumn. Water it the first summer and mulch. In the following summers, it should be able to withstand the drought on its own.

Care is reduced: just give it a fertilizer rich in potash in the spring. Size is not necessary, but if you stick to it, do it in early spring.

Fig tree in pot too

Small varieties of fig trees can be grown in containers, a good idea if you are short on space in the garden. "Dalmatia", "Brunswick", "Dorée" are among the species with reduced development which give two harvests in summer.

Place your fig tree in a large container filled with a mixture of fertile soil on a good draining layer.

Water regularly and bring it to a frost-free room in winter, when temperatures drop below 5 ° C. Repot every three years.

Add a Olivier or one oleander in a pot, a planter of thyme and of rosemary, a foot of lavender… And you will have the whole Mediterranean on your balcony!

Laure Hamann

Visual credit: The Plant of the Month

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