Cat or dog: which one is costing you the most?

Between cat and dog, your heart still swings? What if your wallet helps you decide? Which do you think is the cheapest on a daily basis? To your calculators!

The French love animals ... Almost one in two households has at least one pet *. In the Top 3, we find, without much surprise, cats and dogs. The French have 13.5 million cats against 7.3 million dogs. If Minou won the first battle against Médor, is it the same on the budget side?

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To each his own… financial!

It is well known that a pet brings joy, well-being and love to a home. But it is also a factor of expenses.

Even before settling in your home. And it looks like the cat's lead continues! The budget for the equipment needed to accommodate a cat is a little lower than for its canine counterpart: € 463.07 against € 491.51.

These extremely precise amounts are provided by Idealo, a European price comparison site, which calculated "the average price of the most popular cat and dog products on our site in March 2018".

But the financial advantage of owning a cat remains fragile ... Because in terms of hygiene, safety, games or meals, the cat would cost you more than the dog. It is true that a cat needs to have a litter box and some litter to put in it! But also a cat flap if you have a house. Likewise, who says cat, says cat tree! Do not deny, one does not go without the other! Finally, the cat's bowl is more expensive than that of the dog.

So, is the dog cheaper in the end? Not necessarily because it costs you more in compulsory vaccines. Likewise, if it has a kennel, the difference grows, not to mention the leashes and other harnesses necessary for the walk, whether daily or Sunday.

Cat and dog: draw?

Just as a cat would not find her cubs there, Idealo therefore continues the suspense over the result of her investigation. But, finally, the comparison site concludes that… it all depends on the size of the dog! A small or medium-sized dog (up to 12.5 kg) would be cheaper than a cat, all expenses included except the purchase of the animal.

On the other hand, large dogs (30 kg and more) cost more than cats. The difference plays, you guessed it, on the food post. The bigger your animal, the more it eats and the more it costs you!

In short, if you want a pet without leaving your shirt there, go for the small dog instead. Provided, of course, not to choose a pure breed with pedigree for which the prices, at the time of purchase, can soar at high speed!

* According to a study conducted by FACCO-KANTAR / TNS.


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