Lemon peel: health benefits and virtues

Long neglected, the lemon peel, commonly known as "lemon zest ", hisEssential oilis appreciated in gastronomy, and enters into the composition of various household products.

Experts have discovered in the lemon peel, benefitssurprising therapies.

What are the propertieslemon peel? How to use it to appreciate your benefits about health ?

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Lemon peel, for the record ...

The lemon is a shrub of the family of Rutaceae. Its fruit, the lemon is a citrus fruit appreciated for its flesh, his juiceand his bark.

L’Lemon peelcan treat various minor ailments while improving health.

Note that several oilsessential based on lemon peel are used in cosmeticsand in the manufacture of household products. As for the taste and aroma (very concentrated) of its fruit, they are greatly appreciated in gastronomy.

Lemon peel: virtues and health benefits

Lemon zest contains flavonoids, antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E), and some trace elements such as zinc, copper and selenium.

These properties recommended in the fight against oxidative stress, cancer treatment (breast, stomach, liver, lung, mouth and colon), lemon mesocarp helps slow the growth of certain tumors and metastases.

Antiseptic very effective, it has rejuvenating and astringent properties, since it fights excess fat in the skin, especially in the case of acne.

In addition, it reduces bloating and gas, improves digestion and properly cleanses the liver. Lemon epicarp also helps with oral hygiene, while giving teeth a radiant whiteness.

It is also ideal for neutralizing a bad smellwith your hands.

Its benefits have been proven in the treatment of cholesterol, and in the fight against constipation, and nausea (caused by motion sickness).

Experts have also discovered therapeutic virtues to fight against stress, reduce dark circles, reduce sun marks…, or even treat dry elbows.

Lemon peel in cooking

Lemon peel can be consumeddirectly during your meal.

How to consume the lemon peel?

Freeze your lemon then grate it directly on your dishes before enjoying them.

In your sweet preparations, incorporate the lemon peel (previously dried and reduced to powder), into your marmalades, shortbread, cakes, etc.

Sprinkled with lemon peel, savory preparations are even better.

Enjoy a lemon peel tea dried, infusing it with a few mint leaves. Iced or hot, this tea will provide your body with all the benefits of lemon peel.

For smelling hands, peel the lemon and rub the rind on your hands, fingers and nails.

Against the nausea due to transport ailments, breathe from time to time the lemon peel previously bagged.

Natural scent diffuser:

Excellent natural diffuser for your interior, here is how to proceed:

  • Take the rind of 2 lemons.
  • Throw them in ½ liter of water and add 3 sprigs of rosemary and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Season the salads:

In gastronomy, here is a simple and easy recipe to season your salads:

  • In a bottle of olive oil, dip the zest of 2 lemons.
  • Let sit for a few days.
  • Your lemon peel oil is now ready to consume!

NB: for any use in the event of a health problem, medical advice is always essential.

  • Read also: health benefits and virtues of lemon

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