Orange tree: planting, pruning, maintenance and seasonal harvest

Orange tree: planting, pruning, maintenance and seasonal harvest

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The orange tree has enchanted our gardens for centuries and its cultivation is relatively easy.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Citrus sinensis
Family : Rutaceae
Type: Fruit tree

: 5 to 10 m
Ground : Well drained, sandy and rich
Exposure : Sunny

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : April to July -Harvest : Winter

  • Health: benefits and virtues of the orange tree

Planting, caring for and pruning the orange tree are all things you can do to grow beautiful oranges and prevent disease.

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Orange tree plantation

In our latitudes, you can grow orange trees in the ground only when the climate allows it, that is, when it does not freeze in winter. Everywhere else, it is advisable to grow the orange tree in a pot to be able to shelter it in winter.

Outdoor planting:

The orange tree can be planted in the ground only in areas spared by winter frost.

  • Prefer a sunny spot sheltered from the wind.
  • A mixture of garden soil and potting soil is essential when planting.
  • Make sure the soil is rich and well-drained, adding fertilizer at the planting will promote recovery and growth.
  • Water well during the first year after planting

Orange tree in pot:

In regions with rather cold winters, it is necessary plant the orange tree in a large container.

In winter, it will be put in a bright room where the temperature will not drop below 5/6 ° in winter.

Starting in the spring, you can take it out again to spend the rest of the year outdoors.

Repotting the orange tree:

When you plant or repot it, choose a mixture of potting soil (about 1/2) and topsoil low in limestone (1/2).

Repotting is done from preferably in spring, after fruit harvest or in late summer before flowering.

Find all our tips for How to grow an orange tree in a pot

Watering the orange tree

Watering the orange tree is important especially in pots because it tends to dry out much faster.

  • The orange tree fears excess water.
  • It is therefore necessary to water in case of heat, on a regular but limited basis.
  • Prefer watering in the evening to prevent the water from evaporating too quickly.

Pruning and caring for orange trees

The fruits only grow on the shoots of the year, you have to prune at the end of winter, in February or March.

  • Remove wood that grows inwards to give maximum light, as well as those that cross.
  • You can also balance the antlers to give it a nice shape. Be satisfied with a soft size.

Have beautiful oranges To have beautiful oranges, bring a special citrus fertilizer during the growth phase.

To know about the orange tree

Very appreciated by the kings of France, the orange trees gave rise to the construction of superb orangeries, most of the time, in the gardens of the castles.

Their very bright light and relatively mild temperature in winter made them a perfect storage place for these small trees.

They are more and more coveted these days and most garden centers offer them for sale.

Citrus fruits are renowned for the very beautiful green of their foliage, and their white and fragrant flowers which make it a very beautiful decorative tree.

The fruits add an additional exotic dimension to this aspect, you will be delighted!

Sick orange tree

Like most citrus fruits, the orange tree can be a victim of attack from fungus but also from pests that must be treated quickly.

  • Moniliosis : oranges rot on the orange tree
  • Cochineal : a whitish mass invades the foliage
  • Aphids : The leaves curl and eventually fall

Smart tip

Protect them well in winter and shelter them from the wind in summer to promote the best possible fruiting!

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