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Eleagnus: superb evergreen shrub

Eleagnus: superb evergreen shrub

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Eleagnus is a very beautiful ornamental shrub, evergreen and very decorative.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Elaeagnus x ebbingei
Family : Elaeagnaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 3 m depending on varieties
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent or obsolete -Flowering : May to June

Maintenance, planting and annual pruning are all things that will improve the growth of your eleagnus. © hcast

Planting the eleagnus

It is best to plant the eleagnus inautumn but the eleagnus perfectly tolerates being planted throughout the year if purchased in a jar.

  • If you plant in winter or during summer, avoid periods of frost or hot weather.
  • The eleagnus likes rather sunny situations.
  • He dreads waterlogged soils.
  • A mixture of potting soil and garden soil is recommended when planting.

In hedge, respect a minimum distance of one meter between each shrub.

  • In any case, prefer a well-drained soil and follow our planting tips.

Elaeagnus size

If you want increase the number of branches and make it more dense, you can prune the shrub lightly during the first few years to about 1/3 of the shoots of the previous year.

The eleagnus can be pruned at early spring or in autumn.

Eleagnus is also very resistant to all size shapes, even if these are severe.

It can also be given a different shape, in a ball for example, without this hindering its development.

  • Follow our shrub pruning tips.

To know about the Elaeagnus

At a time ultra resistant and very aesthetic with its golden or silver reflections, the eleagnus is back among the favorite plants of our gardens.

Persistent varieties also offer the advantage of giving light for your flower beds or your hedges throughout the year.

In the fall, you will enjoy a soft and discreet flowering, fragrant and melliferous.

Among the interesting eléagnus is theElaeagnus angustifolia, also called the Bohemian olive tree.

We also appreciate Eleagnus pungens maculata for its yellow variegated foliage.

Smart tip

Eléagnus does not like excessively wet grounds.

Avoid letting the shrub stagnate in water as it could perish.

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