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Remove moss from your lawn

Remove moss from your lawn

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The appearance of moss on a lawn or lawn is often linked to causes that are simple and easy to identify.

Before using an anti-moss, several factors such as mowing, scarification, exposure, watering, aeration, topdressing or even fertilization of the soil may intervene.

Remove moss from your lawn

Many of us were unpleasantly surprised to find that moss had invaded the lawn or grass even though it was sometimes recent.

Moss is a common occurrence on a lawn, but fortunately has solutions.

  • Promoting the growth of the lawn at the expense of moss is the best way to control moss.
  • Lawns or lawns need sunlight.
    It is therefore important to cut branches from trees that provide too much shade and prevent proper development of the grass.
  • Finally, respect the basic rules below and become the first anti-moss in your garden!

Moss and lawn mowing

The more vigorous the lawn or grass, the more the risk of having moss on the lawn is reduced.

Mowing gives vigor to the lawn.

  • It should be done at least once a week in the spring and every fortnight in the summer.
  • Do not mow below 3-4 cm in height.
    Beyond that, you prevent the proper development of your lawn and promote the appearance of moss.

Fertilize the lawn with fertilizer

Applying fertilizer also helps restore vigor and tone to your lawn or grass.

It is essential to use organic fertilizers that can be used in organic farming because they do not destroy microbial life, nor that of the insects in your garden.

For example, earthworms play a major role in the underground life of our lawn. Earthworms tunnel in the soil, which improves the penetration of water into the soil and its aeration.

  • The shorter your lawn, the more nutrients it needs to grow.
  • So choose a slow-release fertilizer that you will apply in the spring and fall.
  • This action helps stimulate the development of your lawn to the detriment of moss.

Aerate the lawn to avoid moss

The appearance of moss on a lawn is also often linked to the fact that the soil has compacted over time and this prevents it from breathing normally, including the root system of the lawn.

  • A lawn without moss is above all a well-ventilated lawn!
  • There are suitable devices equipped with spikes or special shoes for small areas for this. this operation takes place throughout the year.

Scarify the lawn to remove moss

Scarification may seem like a difficult and laborious job, but it is nevertheless essential to prevent the appearance of moss in your garden.

There are now machines available from all garden equipment rental companies that give very good results while being very easy to use.

  • It eliminates superficial and therefore less vigorous roots, as they tend to form a surface layer that retains moisture and facilitates the development of moss.
  • Find our advice for scarify your lawn, this operation can be carried out once or several times a year.

Anti-foam products

  • Finally, there are very effective treatment products that will prevent the appearance of foam.

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